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Oronsaye Report Can’t Be Implemented Without NASS Input – Reps

The House of Representatives declared that the Oronsaye Committee report on restructuring federal establishments cannot override its authority.

Chairman of the House Ad hoc Committee on Restructuring, Ibrahim Isiaka, emphasized this during a public hearing in Abuja on Wednesday.

The Oronsaye report, first issued in 2012, aims to reduce the number of government departments and agencies. Isiaka reassured concerned agencies that all recommendations would go through parliament and that only the National Assembly can decide on scrapping any entity.

He sought to allay fears expressed by some agencies, emphasizing that there is nothing to fear in the proposed restructuring. Isiaka assured the attendees that the committee would not act without due process and that the National Assembly, through an Act of Parliament, is the only institution that can decide on the scrapping of any agency, parastatal, or commission. He stated that the lawmakers would treat every document justly and that they would invite all organizations to provide an opportunity for them to speak.

The Chairman also addressed concerns regarding potential layoffs, stating that the House would not allow such actions and would look into the matter. He reiterated that the House would establish areas where necessary and enact laws where required.

It is worth noting that President Bola Tinubu had previously issued a directive for the implementation of the Oronsaye Report as part of his government’s efforts to cut the cost of governance. The Federal Executive Council approved the full implementation of the report on February 26, 2024, and the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, George Akume, inaugurated an eight-member implementation committee on March 7.

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The committee was tasked with implementing the report’s recommendations within 12 weeks. However, the House of Representatives has now asserted its authority over the implementation process, emphasizing that its verdict cannot be overridden by the Oronsaye report. This development highlights the ongoing efforts to restructure and rationalize government establishments in Nigeria, with the House of Representatives playing a crucial role in ensuring that the process is carried out following due process and the interests of the nation.

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