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President Ruto Vows ‘Full’ Response After Deadly Anti-Tax Protests

Kenya’s President William Ruto vowed to take a tough line against “violence and anarchy” on Tuesday, after protests against his government’s proposed tax hikes turned deadly and demonstrators ransacked parliament.

The youth-led protests, which have steadily grown over the past two weeks, had been largely peaceful but chaos erupted in the capital on Tuesday.

Five people were shot dead and 31 wounded, several NGOs including Amnesty Kenya reported in a joint statement.

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Ruto told a press briefing in Nairobi, that the demonstrations were “hijacked by dangerous people”.

We shall provide a full, effective and expeditious response to today’s treasonous events, It is not in order or even conceivable that criminals pretending to be peaceful protesters can reign terror against the people, their elected representatives and the institutions established under our constitution and expect to go scot-free,” Ruto added.

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