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Stop Misusing the Ex Parte Order, Akpabio Tells Judges

Senate President Godswill Akpabio has urged judges to refrain from misusing ex parte orders, particularly in political cases. Speaking at the National Summit on Justice in Abuja under the theme “Repositioning the Justice System, Constitutional, Statutory and Operational Reforms for Access and Efficiency,” Akpabio emphasized the need for the National Judicial Council (NJC) to exercise strict oversight to prevent the abuse of ex parte orders.

He proposed stringent penalties for judges found engaging in such misuse and recommended the establishment of clear standards and sanctions by the NJC to deter future violations. Akpabio also suggested regular audits of ex parte orders to ensure compliance and early detection of abuse patterns.

Furthermore, Akpabio highlighted the importance of ongoing training for judges on the ethical issuance of ex parte orders and called for reforms in interlocutory appeals to reduce delays and streamline civil litigation processes. He advocated for a modification in the process of obtaining the Attorney General’s consent before executing judgments to enhance the efficiency of the justice system.

Akpabio emphasized that these reforms aim to build trust in the justice system, improve legal proceedings involving the government, and are being integrated into ongoing legislative amendments by the National Assembly Committees on Constitutional and Electoral Act Amendments.

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