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“Army needs to look inwards, flush retrogressive minds from its ranks,” Gumi responds to Army’s warning

Popular Islamic cleric Sheikh Ahmad Gumi has reacted to warnings by the Nigerian army over inflammatory statements on its activities.

In a statement released on Tuesday, the Nigerian Army, through its public relations officer, Brig-General Mohammed Yerima, warned Gumi and his followers not to drag its image and reputation to disrepute, as the agency is considered one of the most reliable national institutions in the country and its operations are conducted with strict adherence to the rules of engagement.

Gumi, had in a viral video, alleged that non-muslim soldiers were responsible for stirring confusion in a bid to wreak havoc and often said that the military lacked the capacity to defeat the bandits.

But the army urged the vocal cleric to be more courteous while expressing his views, taking into cognizance the need for national security. 

Further reiterating his stance, the Islamic scholar in a statement signed and made available to ROOTS TV, insisted that the armed forces need to look inwards and flush from its ranks retrogressive minds that use its resources to commit crimes.

Part of the statements reads: “As a member, I am proud of the Nigerian army. It is professional and Nobel. Yet, we have in history ugly incidences perpetuated by some unscrupulous section of the Nigerian society that is blinded by religious bigotry and ethnic prejudice to commit murder and ethnic cleansing.

The army needs to look inwards and flush out from its rank such retrogressive minds that are using its arsenals to commit crimes against national leaders, citizens, and humanity. Long live Nigerian army…long live Nigeria”

Gumi maintains that he stands for peace but there are people in the army who use its resources to commit untold crimes.